About me


Thanks for visiting my blog! Here i’d like to write things about what I like (to do), such as traveling, beauty, fashion, music, photography, food, gadgets and much more. Most of the blogposts are written in Dutch and English, but sometimes I write a blogpost in Dutch and then I’ll link to the page with the English translation.

Who am I:
I’m currently 26 years old and was born & raised in Deventer, the Netherlands. My roots lay in the Netherlands, Indonesia and China. I’ve studied Law at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede. During my study, I did an internship in Amsterdam. After my graduation I’ve lived in Groningen for two years and I’m back in Deventer again for now..

I love to travel as much as I can. I’ve been to a lot of European capitals and I want to see more of the world. On holidays I like to take my Canon 70D with me and try to capture everything that catches my eye.

Beauty and fashion
I like to keep track of everything about skincare and makeup. I’ve been a Glamour Beautylover for Estée Lauder and this gave me the opportunity to test and review their wonderful products every month for a year. You can find a blogpost about this here. Besides this, I just like to pamper myself with high end products, but I also use drugstore products. 

I love Japanese, Chinese and Italian food! I’m a carnivore and you can make me really happy with a good steak. Whenever I go out to eat, it’s usually Asian or Italian cuisine. I like noodles/ramen/sushi as much as I like pasta & pizza. I also like tofu very much 👍🏻 

Well this sums up a bit of who I am, but if you have any questions feel free to leave a message or comment.

I hope to see you again! 😊


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